Check out Solar Powered Crosswalks: Understand Crosswalks In-Depth

As soon as you see it, you will know what the essence and goal are and we tend to follow along the way. However, the overall perspective is not that simple, because, at first glance, you may see just white paint on the asphalt.

However, every corner is a crosswalk based on the safety campaigns conducted all across the USA. For most people, the customary laws are challenging to understand and determine.

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If we do not differentiate crosswalks as the white paint, and if they exist at every corner, why do we follow the white paint or commonly known as zebra? In case you area driver, how should you determine when to stop if someone wants to cross the street?

At the same time, if you are on foot, how should you know when to step out to pass the street?

Types of Crosswalks

Following the necessary perspective, we can differentiate four types of crosswalks: controlled and uncontrolled, marked and unmarked.

Marked crosswalks are the ones we have mentioned above with striped of white paint, while unmarked ones do not come with paint, while it still legally exists at every single corner.

On the other hand, controlled ones depend on the traffic signals as well as stop signs, while uncontrolled ones do not force cars to stop when they see a pedestrian wanting to cross the street.

As you can see from the types, nothing here makes sense, but in general, you need to follow every single detail to understand everything.

Of course, each one of them comes with a subtle design that will allow us to notice it. Professionals tend to use the general rules of thumb when it comes to the pedestrian crossing.

You can also find solar-powered crossing lights, which are useful for areas that come with plenty of sunny days.

For instance, if you wish to cross approximately sixty feet or more, the idea is to place refuge islands as well as other additions that will break up the process of crossing.

When it comes to marking styles, the busier intersections with multilane ways, as well as plenty of pedestrian activity, require high visibility markings similarly as the one we see daily.

Have in mind that high-visibility crosswalks can come in numerous varieties that tend to be subtle at first, but they are transparent if you take a good look at them.

The varieties can range from basic ones that come with two simple lines to piano or continental crosswalks that feature thick lines.

Finally, zebra crosswalks feature white lines at an angle, which is another crucial consideration you need to remember.

We can also differentiate types of crosswalk application technology. Most of them come with a white paint marker that requires constant repainting to maintain overall visibility. On the other hand, it depends on the pavement markings that are highly expensive to repaint frequently.

That is the main reason why most cities tend to balance various acts and implement crossings that do not come with white lines at all. For instance, in small towns, you can find approximately 1700 crosswalks.

Since the harsh weather elements are affecting their visibility, they have to repaint it at least once a year and use different designs depending on intersections.

Signage asthe Alternative

Since the painting and repainting comes with severe expenses, it is a much safer alternative to implement signage. However, that could be problematic and tricky if you consider the interactions between different crosswalks and the surrounding environment.

When the particular street comes with plenty of cars, at first glance, it makes sense to implement more signs, but that is not always the case when it comes to efficiency.

The idea is that the faster you drive, the less you can see, and that is a fact. Generally, the human brain cannot take too much information, and if you are driving at 15 miles per hour, you will have full sight.

However, the faster you go, you will less see as a result, which means that your brain cannot process the signage beforehand.

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Therefore, the effectiveness is still not something that we can say about signage. It does not matter how many signs we have because if the design of the road is incorrect, the crosswalk will still come with dangers.


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