Best Detoxification Shampoo from Weednews

Best Detoxification Shampoo from Weednews

Life can be surprising at times. But nothing comes as more surprising as getting a drug test when you have used marijuana the other day or the other week. There are a lot of tests that are performed. They can be blood, urine, hair follicle, or saliva drug tests. More about drug tests here.

This article is all about drug testing with your hair as a sample. Know more information below.

What Drugs Does a Hair Follicle Test Detect?

Hair follicle drug tests screens people who are using drugs or people who are misusing their medicines. This test will require a small sample of a strand. A scissors is used to remove the hair samples on your head. The lab technicians will then analyze the samples and will look for traces of drugs. The detection time can be as far as 90 days.

The most common drugs detected in this kind of test are methamphetamine, ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine, PCP, opioids, and marijuana.

The most common test performed is the urine drug test, but this will only detect drug usage for the last few days. Many prefer the more expensive route of hair follicle testing because it can detect some traces of marijuana and other illegal substances in as far as 90 days.

Drug tests are taken by your future employers. Your present employers may also do a random drug test to make sure that they have a drug-free workplace and environment. If you are an occasional user, you should be prepared to take the test. There’s no other option but to pass the test. Failing it can result to a lot of negative consequences including losing your job, paying fines, or going into jail.

Best Detoxification Shampoo from Weednews

How is it Administered?

Your company will hire a third-party laboratory expert to do the tests. You might be required to go to a hospital setting, to a clinic, or do the drug test inside your company. Sometimes, your employer will just give you a kit where to put the sample and then they will mail it for analysis to the lab. Fortunately, you can recreate how labs go through the process by ordering hair follicle testing kits online. More about follicles here:

If you are required to take the test, expect that a supervisor will be present when you are taking your hair sample. Dyes, shampoo, and styling won’t affect the test accuracy. If you used marijuana for the past few days, shampooing it will not mask the presence of the substance on your hair.

When the sample is confirmed to be yours, the collector will choose about 120 to 140 strands from the different areas of your head. When choosing samples, a good recommendation is to pluck the strands from different parts of the head, so you won’t look bald.

What do the results say?

The negative result will show after 24 hours. The test for hair follicles is called ELISA. The test will be the one to determine the negative results of the sample. The negative result will mean that the person did not engage in drug use for the past 3 months. A laboratory technician may be required to screen the samples a second time to confirm the results.

Positive drug tests can be confirmed within 72 hours. A second test called GC/MS or Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry will confirm if the positive result is legit. The test will also be able to show the technicians the kinds of drugs that were used.

There are times when the results show inconclusive. This is the case when testing procedures were not followed to the letter. The improper collection of hair samples or tampered specimen can result in the inconclusive results. The results will be rejected, and the person may be asked to provide a second sample.

When results arrive, the laboratory will deliver it through discreet methods. This can include a secure phone call, fax, or an online platform. An individual can request for the details of the results afterward. There might be papers that need a signature before the results can be released. Your workplace should ensure that you will be the only one who is going to receive your results and know its content.

How to Turn Out Negative?

You might be looking for something or someone who knew that weed in your hair can be taken out. In this case, some websites can help you with these. What you can do is to go on a healthy diet. Make sure that you are eating at least 2 cups of vegetables and 1 cup of fruits to detoxify your body. You might also want to act relax when your company announces a drug test. The best way to pass the test is to quit smoking pot immediately and detoxify your body.

If you have smoked pot in the previous week, don’t panic. Fortunately, there is a lot of shampoos from Weednews that can detoxify your hair. You can pass strands that are considered detoxified and can get you a negative result. You can clean your hair with detox shampoos that can be found on drugstores or online shops. The most shampoo will require lathering your hair and leaving it for at least 30 minutes. You can use this shampoo every day for 7 days.

Some shampoos can strip your hair of any toxins that might have accumulated. In these cases, the chemical bonds well with your hair. You have to look for products that have great customer reviews. Choose a shampoo that won’t leave your hair dry and brittle. Choose a formula with aloe vera if possible so that you can have a natural moisturizer when needed.

A Final Word

You need to pass your hair drug test no matter what. There will be serious consequences if you turn out to be positive. You can face an inquiry, lose your job, and you can get fined. If you were found out to be using illegal substances, you may face jail time. You should pass your test no matter what happens regardless if you are just a recreational user or a heavy smoker.


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