5 Best Communication Apps Ruling 2019

5 Best Communication Apps Ruling 2019

In modern times, communication is considered as one of the main requirements that can help one move ahead than others in the field. Though there are many options in the market in terms of mobile phones, network providers and apps but a few of them take the communication to new heights, and that is why it is necessary for the users to check the following apps in the market. These apps are trending in the present era due to their ease of use and best features that make the user communicated with others easily.

  • WhatsApp: In the world of quick communication, this app is much famous. One can not only chat with others in an individual frame or group but also send files such as images, documents, live location and videos. It is easy to use,which has made it much popular among the users. To download this app is simple, and it runs on one phone at a time only. Hence the communication is completely secured.
  • Telegram: It is an app made in India and holds all the features such as some of the most loved apps in the world of communication also. There are also additional features such as sending sticker and voice messages which are readily available. It can also betermed as one of the apps that are most user-friendly.
  • Skype: Those who love to talk to each other sitting in different countries over the internet this can be termed as the best application. Here one can also go for a video call as well as call on the phone. One needs to download the app and fill the details with a selection of user id, and that’s all to start the use of the same. The voice and video clarity offer the communication experience like both people are talking in person only. Hence those who love to have better and verbal communication this can be the app with unmatched quality.
  • Messenger: Those who love to use the messenger on the computer; this app can be the best one. Here one can chat in person or in a group. One can also easily create a group by adding the user ids or names. There are also features of video calling and voice calling on this app. One can also send documents from a computer and keep the backup of the chat on the system. Hence from the point of view of multiple utilities, this can be considered as the finest app.
  • True caller: If one gets a call from any unknown number it can be checked with the help of this app. It also helps one to find one’s email id, location, and availability to pick the call, send a message and transfer money also. Hence this app is much different from other communication apps in the field.

One may hardly know that other than the play store, there are also options from where such quality apps can be downloaded. The 9apps is one of such third party store where these all apps are easily available.


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