World-class Corporate, Wedding & Function Venue

Myer Mural Hall is the hub of award-winning, fun, and memorable events of all kinds. It’s a superb, European style event venue in Melbourne that creates the feeling of total satisfaction, thanks to its unique design and blazing looks. It’s a world-class corporate, wedding & function venue for anyone looking for a blend of beauty, modern style, and design to create the most remarkable lifetime event.

Why Us

Our qualified and talented stylists use the skills they have acquired all the years to transform the hall into the most elegant wedding, Parisian cocktail lounge, spendthrift dinner party, and epic cultural celebration. The hall is the hub of ideas, as you can come up with any breathtaking ideas you can imagine and create the most blazing flair ever.

We have hidden ballrooms to add to the amazing experiences. The hall houses some of the most refined and elegant event spaces ever that will create timeless memories. And to make things more interesting, the hall blends heritage and sophistication to match all modern occasions regardless of the exclusivity or demands.

What is its Holding Capacity?

This event venue in Melbourne can accommodate as many people as your event can hold. The Myer Mural Hall has two venue spaces, the Arrival Foyer and The Grand Ballroom. The Grand Ballroom accommodates 500 –seated guests when no dance floor spacing is left, and 450-seated guests when you leave a dancing spacing. The Full Arrival Foyer spacing will accommodate 100-seated guests with no dance floor and 500-sated guests with dance floor spacing.

Are My Guests Going to be Safe?

Security is essential when it comes to events. Criminals see events as the most lucrative opportunity for them to trigger chaos and leave some injured. Holding an event in the Myer Mural Hall eradicates issues with security. This event destination has superb cloaking facilities and well-trained security personnel who work towards ensuring a safe event free of chaos.

Will All My Guests Hear Everything Said?

Nothing hurts the fun of an event more than poor-quality audio and visual effects. If they cannot hear or see what’s happening correctly, most guests will be tempted to leave the event spacing before the event is over. As the top event Venue in Melbourne, Myer Mural Hall recommends Harry the Hirer as the best audiovisual effects service provider. The team is known for providing quality sound and visual systems besides offering an audiovisual technician to manage the equipment. They charge quite affordably for their services so don’t worry.

Are you searching for the best corporate, wedding & function venue in Melbourne? Myer Mural Hall is the home of the latest and most intriguing event throws. We provide sophisticated and modern-edge event venues ideal for events of all types.


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