Web.com Reviews Examines Personal Hygiene Rules You Break Every Day


Maintaining good personal hygiene can help you keep the doctor away. It is necessary to take care of the body as it is the only place you can live in. Personal hygiene works and helps better than the doctor’s medicine and it is important to understand the true meaning of the phrase ‘Health is Wealth’. Web.com Reviews examines the personal hygiene rules most of us tend to breach every day and why you should put a brake on it starting from today.

The Rules

Here are some personal hygiene rules that we tend to break often:

  1. Washing with shower gel everyday – You may be surprised to learn that our skin is inhabited by beneficial bacteria that protect it from infection and keeps it naturally hydrated. Regular usage of soap or shower gel removes this protective shield, thereby making the body more susceptible to various diseases. The skin loses its natural luster and tends to become dry. Thus, the daily use of soap or gel should be restricted to only your hands, armpits, and the area below the belt.
  1. Using too much toothpaste – The recommended amount of toothpaste is a pea-sized ball and any amount greater than this does not help to clean your teeth any better. The bristles just glide over the teeth if they have too much toothpaste on it, lowering the efficiency of brushing your teeth.
  1. Covering your mouth with your hands while sneezing or coughing – The germs that we let out while we sneeze, or cough is infectious. If you cover your mouth with your hands, you help the germs get on your faces. Rubbing your eyes with your contaminated hand could trigger an eyelid inflammation. To prevent this, you could cover your mouth with your elbow crease or better still, carry a pack of disposable paper tissue with you.
  1. Lining your lower lashes on the inside – The tip of your pencil may be home to various harmful bacteria that may find their way to the eye muscle when applied close to the eyes. It then finds a suitable condition to multiply thereby increasing the risk of eye infection. To prevent this, use eyeshadow to accentuate your lower lid and remember to apply it some distance away from the growth rim of your lashes.
  1. Picking your nose and digging your ears – Fingers are home to germs and when you use them to pick your nose or dig your ears, germs may find their way to these parts. This causes infection in the nose, especially a blocked infection as the germs may spread from the nasal cavity to the sinuses, thus aggravating the condition. To clean your nose, wash it by drawing water from your palm with your left and right nostril alternatively. These days, various special devices are also available in the market for nostril cleaning which may be used instead.


Personal hygiene keeps you healthy and fit. Web.com Reviews thinks that following simple steps to hygiene is a rule that you should all follow and be aware of. After all, “hygiene is two-thirds of health.’


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