The Importance of Driver CPC Training

A certificate of professional competence or CPC is something that is mandatory in UK for professional drivers. This applies for people who wish to be employed in the transport industry for driving either LGV (Large Goods Vehicle) or HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle).

The training program happens at regular intervals for a stipulated time period of 35 hours. This program has been put in place by the Driver Standards Agency in the United Kingdom for different reasons. We look at the reasons on why this training is important.

Knowledge of Laws

To be able to keep up with the laws of the land you would need to have knowledge of the same. Taking up a driver CPC training course would ensure that you are aware of all the laws that pertain to driving a truck or any transport vehicle.

Moreover, it would also ensure that the transport as well as traffic laws are made known to you as a person. This is imperative as the laws pertaining to driving a transport or goods vehicle are a little different from driving a personal vehicle in the United Kingdom.

First Aid and Emergency Handling at Work

As a professional driver you would not know when you would be faced with an emergency situation. These can either happen to others in the road or to yourself too. Handling this situation in a calm manner and aiding the injured are things that are taught with this too.

Fire Awareness and Manual Handling

Often fire is one of the major causes of disaster in the transport industry. You would be taught how to handle a situation involving fire effectively with the manuals available. This can end up helping you save lives when you are faced with these situations.

General Safe Working

To be safe on the road should be the second objective for a driver apart from transporting people or goods from one place to another. The CPC training course can make sure you are aware of all the necessary protocols that you ought to follow when you take the wheel.

Other Important Aspects of CPC Training

The role of the driver within the O-license, disability awareness, pre use defect checking, tachograph compliance, and other aspects are also taught with CPC training. Attributes that you learn here would not just make you a professional but also a safe driver on roads.

You can take the CPC training in sessions that last for 5 days. That would mean your 35 hours of CPC training would be split in accordance to schedule that they have. You should carry the CPC card along with you when you are employed with an organization.


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