The Benefits of a Rugged Tablet for Your Business in 2020

One of the most versatile pieces of modern technology is a Tablet, considering its ease of use, practicality and effectiveness. It’s not just used in homes, but priceless for businesses as well. An intrinsically safe tablet is much more, especially when you think about their flexibility. Unlike typical Tablets, PCs and Smartphones, rugged Tablets are designed to work in tough conditions and environments where accidents, spills, scratches or drops could be disastrous to normal devices.

In 2020, rugged Tablets have become a game changer in different types of businesses.  Here are various benefits of Rugged Tablets.

Built for the elements and harsh surroundings

As indicated, rugged tablets are designed with tough surroundings and elements in mind, from high moisture environments, freezing to scotching temperatures, dusty areas, drops to hard knocks. They withstand all these while offering top performance and superb user experience.

After rigorous and painstaking tests rugged Tablets are able to tolerate trying incidents they find themselves into. They’re also portable than notebooks or laptops while carrying essential features such as GPS, better touch screen, entrenched operating system, resilient broadband than normal PCs and typical phones plus a vast offering of practical and useful applications.


Rugged Tablets are manufactured with durability in mind. Considering their resilient design, they’re perfect for use in varied strenuous industrial workplaces. If your business requires constant data access, operations take place in high temperatures or raised work areas where a single drop can break normal Tablets having a rugged one will be a game changer. They’re also perfect for use in areas where devices are exposed to water and high humidity.

Rugged Tablets might look rugged but that’s not all; they meet IP65 rating, meaning they’ve been designed to withstand dust and water spews. Their Internal systems are also hard-wearing and adaptive.

As such, businesses in 2020 are guaranteed top performance in extreme circumstances while their vital, rugged gadgets are sure to remain around longer.

Cost effective

With all the challenges facing businesses in 2020, cost effective technology is everything. While rugged tech is a tad expensive, it comes with unique functions and special features manufactured to offer value to businesses and help it save money in months and years to come. Rugged Tablets rarely get damaged, break or bend. As result, very few repairs and support will be required saving your business money.

Some of the highest expenses companies face includes recurring technology replacement costs as devices break. Rugged Tablets hardly break thus saving more money including ensuring business disruptions are very few if any due to their scanty number of hardware failures if any.

Usable anywhere

Rugged Tablets are made with extreme surroundings in mind and not just in the integrity of their hardware. They feature wireless connectivity allowing fieldwork officers and team members to connect wirelessly as they execute their daily duties. Whether in the hospitality industry, travel, public service, engineering and construction or transport, rugged Tablets offer constant data access lowering downtime and time wastage.

Driver tracking

Today, rugged Tablets are offering insights on delivery proof and fuel efficiency tracking for vehicle fleet companies while tracking the current location of the automobile and driver. Enhanced Wi-Fi and LTE speeds offer top quality wireless connectivity, including navigation aid, geo-fencing features, real-time weather and road situation updates.

Rugged Tablets make it easier to handle dust, rain, road vibrations and all manner of elements improving productivity for employees in the transport industry. They also reduce fuel usage and costs by dipping time wasted by drivers lazing around or trying to find better routes.

Equipment and asset tracking

Over the years, equipment and asset tracking for businesses has been problematic and even worse if businesses operate in extreme topographies and handle lots of employees working remotely. In such circumstances, consume-standard Tablets hardly hold up in extreme settings.

Rugged Tablets are now manufactured with efficient asset management and equipment tracking in mind, allowing businesses to provide their staff with better tools not only capable of surviving all elements and tough conditions, but also lessen operational difficulties and cost of normal daily operations.

Security and better business processes

Maintenance, enhanced operations and repairs are vital in any industry such as airlines. Maintenance technicians, vehicle and airline contractors require better process management. With digital operations, repair and maintenance solutions are now available but for optimum benefits and cost efficiency, the digital device must be able to withstand the elements, freezing and scorching temperatures, moisture, rain and water, shocks, dust, drops and vibrations. Rugged Tablets handle these conditions perfectly well and include enhanced software security. They also give business owners the ability to block access once the device has left a specific location for optimum security and safeguarding against misuse.

In 2020 and beyond, businesses need to invest in durable communication devices capable of withstanding harsh surroundings, accidental drops, rain, ice, dust, heat among other extremes.  Rugged Tablets are a cost efficient choice that guarantee operations won’t stop, whether in remote terrain, harsh climates or other tough backdrops.


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