Thailand Lottery

If you are looking for any reliable lottery, you should play the Thailand Lottery game. Lottery games were started playing in Thailand in the 1860s. In 1933, lottery tickets became nationalized and companies of these types of games became governed by law.

Today, there are millions of players play Thailand Lottery around the world. Tickets are easy to get and cheap to buy. It comes in pairs of 2 which essentially means that your winning chance of Thai Lottery is doubled.

Notably, the rates of the ticket may vary from one place to another. Thailand’s lottery comes with guaranteed prizes. The top winning prize is 2 million Baht to 3 million Baht. And it is awarded for 6 matching numbers.

There is also another prize of 100,000 Baht which is given to 5 winners, the third prize of 40,000 Baht which is awarded to 10 winners and also there are multiple lower-tier prizes. The small amount is 1,000 Baht and it is awarded to 10,000 winners.

The draw of Thailand Lottery:

If it is not a holiday in Thailand, the lottery numbers are drawn on the 1st and 16th of the month. This is not only exciting for those who bought one or more lots of the state lottery from one of the flying dealers and paid 90 or even 100 baht per lot despite the 80 baht on the ticket.

But also, for those who opted for have decided the illegal lottery and ordered one or more 2 or 3-digit numbers by telephone or from a friend.

Winning prize in Thailand Lottery:

State lottery winnings range from 2,000 to several million Baht. If the 2 or 3-digit number reserved in the underground lottery matches the 2 or 3 of the state lottery. You can claim a hundred times or more of your stake as a profit.

Growing in popularity:

The Thailand lotto game is growing continually in popularity. There are about 19.2 million people in Thailand test their luck daily. They are spending over 76 billion Baht which is about $ 2.3 Billion on buying tickets every year.

Winning prizes:

There is probably over 20 draw every time as they will have to draw all of the numbers according to the prize numbers stated. Amount of lotteries and numbers are stated below:

– First Prize 1 number 2 million baht

– Second prize 5 numbers 100000 baht

– Third prize 10 numbers 40000 baht

– Fourth prize 50 numbers 20000 baht

– Fifth prize 100 numbers 10000 baht

– Bonus prize – 2 numbers 50000 baht

The bonus prize is for a player whose first 5 numbers are right but the last digit is incorrect by 1 number above or below. For instance, if the last digit of your ticket is “6” then you are eligible for the bonus prize if the result is a “5” or “7”

How to find out a fake lottery?

If you are going buy Thai lotto ticket, beware because there are many fake lotteries are also available in the market. Here we provide you the characteristics of the fake lottery so you can easily find out:

Characteristics of the fake lottery:

– Different color from the original one

– No watermark

– Different quality of the paper.


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