Ram Chary Everi- Getting Started with Travel Photography

If you are fond of traveling, it is evident that you would like to capture pictures of the places you visit. For getting great photos, you do not need a sophisticated camera. Beginners have to be aware of essential tips that help you take good pictures when you want to on your trips.

Ram Chary Everitake home the best souvenirs of your travels 

Ram Chary Everi is a leading graphic designer and photographer from Boston. He is 25 years old and loves to head North-East for tuna fishing when he is not working. According to him, photography is an art and needs practice. However, the most important thing you need is passion. If you are passionate about travel and photography, you can combine the two and create a stunning collection with success!

Tips to remember for travel photographs

The following are some simple photography hacks for you to remember- 

  1. Set your camera to burst mode-When you set the camera to burst mode, you will find that multiple shots will be taken with just one click of the camera shutter. This helps you when you need to capture the subject in action—for instance, a whale on the surface of the water. Likewise, when you are handing your camera to a stranger, the burst mode will help you take several shots to choose the best photo. There are cases where you might be blinking or someone photo-bombs the picture. The burst mode comes in handy here. 
  1. Carry a tripod: Carry a tripod if you wish to capture stunning travel photographs. 

Let it be small, but it comes in handy when you wish to photograph yourself against a stunning landscape. Traveling with a tripod will always help you get great pictures. Moreover, when you hand over your camera to a stranger, there is no guarantee that you will get good photographs. Tripods assure you will be in control of your pictures. Please do not invest in the bulky ones as it will be tough for you to carry around. There are sleek models available – opt for them. 

  1. Have patience in crowded places– No matter how fond you are of taking photographs, some tourist spots will be crowded. For instance, if you visit Paris, you will want to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower, there will be people around as it is a significant tourist spot. However, you should have patience and wait for others to give you space before taking your pictures. 

According to Ram Chary Everi, these are just some tips you should remember when taking travel photographs. Use natural light as much as you can. Though night photographs can be tricky, you should get accustomed to your camera settings. Use a flash and practice as much as you can to master your skills. Remember, the camera gear does not make you a good photographer; you should consider the basics. They help you become a skilled travel photographer, and over time, you can flaunt your collection with pride!


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