Popular Methods of Hair Detoxification for Drug Test

Popular Methods of Hair Detoxification for Drug Test

Abuse of illicit substances is a taboo topic. Many of them actually have medicinal properties, but they are used for bad purposes. That is why they are still illegal in many countries and why people who take them are subjected to frequent testing – especially by employers, parents, or partners.

Given that laws are not yet entirely clear about the use of certain substances such as marijuana (more about medical cannabis read on this source), the presence of THC metabolites in the body is not permitted because it indicates drug abuse.

After consuming opiates, it is possible to detect the drug in all bodily excretions, but also in the hair. On scalp and hair strands, THC metabolites can stay up to several months. That’s why peoplefreak out about hair follicle drug test, which can show if and when you take some illicit substance.

MacujoDetox Method

You probably already saw this term by searching the Internet in order to find a proven method for passing the test. You’ve probably stopped taking marijuana; you don’t want to increase THC concentration in your body even more. This is good and is the first step in this popular hair detox method.

Macujo detox method has several steps to follow to T. Marijuana user who tested this method recommend which detox shampoo to use (from a particular manufacturer, based on aloe vera,) and they guarantee the success. The ingredients that you will use in this procedure are intended to penetrate deeper into the follicle and scalp, not only to reduce the concentration of THC particles on the hair surface.

Every day of marijuana abstinence is valuable if you want to pass a drug test. Perform the Macujo method a few days before the examination; this way, you can make a plan B if you don’t get the desired effect.

Macujo Procedure Step by Step

Wash your hair in the standard way and leave it moist (rinse it with hot water). Put your glasses on your eyes – some of the ingredients can irritate you.

With a mild massage, rub vinegar into the root and the entire length of the hair. It takes ten minutes to accelerate the blood flow and open the follicle. Repeat the step with salicylic acid with vinegar and water. Leave it for half an hour to work. Put a shower cap and continue with regular activities.

Be careful with vinegar, and here find out why:


After the scheduled time, wash your hair with a shampoo based on aloe vera (you will find the recommendation on internet forums). Repeat washing with the liquid laundry detergent. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Repeat the procedure several times and perform at-home hair test kit a few days before the real test. You can repeat the Macujo method every day before going to the lab.

Detox Products

If you look at markets and online stores, you will find a large number of products for cleansing hair from THC metabolites. Some of them are really useful, and they helped a large number of users. On the other hand, we also have less effective products that cost a little fortune.

Marijuana users claim the best detox shampoo for THC is based on the aloe vera extract. It is expensive, but it contains the ingredients needed for aftercare, and it really works. Also, dozens of other detox shampoos and kits have good reviews and recommendations. Depending on whether you expect hair drug test tomorrow or in a few days or weeks, be sure to see what other users recommend before you buy or place an order for hair detox product.

Also, check which one of these products are intended for deep cleansing and which one will only temporary hide THC traces on your scalp. The second type of detox products is pretty aggressive to the hair follicle, so the manufacturers don’t recommend extended use.

A hair drug test is not easy to fool, but it is not impossible. Depending on how much time you have before giving the sample for analysis, you can try to eliminate or hide THC particles in your hair. Detoxification of follicles, according to instructions, will provide a clean sample and a negative test result.


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