Parts of Speech and Its Importance in English Grammar

We all are quite aware of the importance of English grammar in our life. To have good communication skills, it is essential to have a good hold of English grammar and English vocabulary. In order to improve your grammar skills, it is essential that you have good fundamentals of all the parts of speech. They are the basics of English grammar and play a vital role in English communication. Parts of speech are essential as they explain how the words are related to each other. There are eight parts of speech, and all the parts of speech have their own importance. The parts of speech are nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions and interjections. All these parts of speech are important in some way or the other. 

Parts of Speech Helps in the Formation of Sentences

Taking the individual words makes no sense unless they are used to form a sentence. Each word can be either a noun, a verb, etc., but it can only make sense if they are used in sentences. To better understand the parts of speech and their importance, read the below article and refer to the examples below. 

For example, 

– Helly plays football. 

Subject- Helly

Verb- plays

Object- football

A sentence has three parts, a subject, a verb and an object. But individually, these words are nouns and verbs; when the parts of speech are assigned to them and are used in sentences, they have different categories. If we interchange words in a sentence, the meaning changes completely. 

For example, 

– Harry hit Grey.

Subject- Harry

Verb- hit 

Object- Grey

Similarly, this sentence is also made up of the subject and predicate. Each word in this sentence denotes something, and if these words are taken individually, then it denotes no meaning. But, if the words are interchanged, the meanings can be changed.


– Grey hit Harry.

Subject- Grey

Verb- hit 

Object- Harry

In the above example, the meanings of the words changed, and the role of each word was also changed. 

Parts of Speech Help in Mastering Writing Techniques

Learning the parts of speech helps in improving writing skills because you understand the usage of prepositions, pronoun, conjunctions and interjections to form various sentences. While writing a paragraph, you can form a healthy paragraph rather than forming repetitive sentences. It helps in writing a good and healthy paragraph and maintaining the rhythm and sync between each sentence. We can say that just like the multiplication tables in maths, the parts of speech are also the basics of English grammar.  

It is important to maintain the parallelism in writing, which can only be maintained if you have understood the parts of speech. It helps in maintaining the structure of the sentences and brings attention to your words. 

Parts of Speech Help in Making Life and Writing Easier

It helps in writing a masterpiece as you can easily identify and understand the various parts of speech. While writing the paragraph, having the adjectives in mind will help you form a good piece of writing. A sentence may sound incomplete if the right part of speech is not used in the right place. 

Like other lessons, learning the parts of speech can also be a little tricky and time taking. In order to learn and properly understand the usage of various parts of speech, you will have to be patient and practice them regularly.


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