How to Choose a Perfect Pearl Jewelry on Every Occasion?

How to Choose a Perfect Pearl Jewelry on Every Occasion?

Life is full of occasions – dinner parties, dance nights, parents-teacher meetings, date nights, birthday parties, weddings, graduations, funerals…..and the list goes on and on. It just feels like pearls on necklace strung together. Nevertheless, every occasion demands a different look. You have to be wise to figure out how your pearl necklace will accentuate a cocktail party dress or a pearl charm bracelet you plan to wear on a friend’s wedding is right or wrong.

How to choose a perfect pearl jewelry on every occasion?

Determine the balance

You cannot go wrong with pearls on any kind of occasion. Even your clothes don’t matter but the key is to avoid overdoing it. Little jewelry makes you look appealing but too much can turn out to be pompous. If you choose to stack bracelets on a single wrist then ensure not to overload that arm with multiple rings.

Pearls are statement gem, so avoid pearl necklace if you plan to wear an obvious and loud Tahitian black pearl bracelet. It will not need any support of other jewelry item.


Pick jewelry pieces that strongly contrast your outfit. While attending an occasion, if you choose to dress in clean lines outfit with neutral colors then choose pearl jewelry that makes a statement. It will bring some color and flair to your overall appearance.

Alternatively, if the outfit is vibrantly colored and has exclusivity then stick with small and subtle pearl jewelry.

Adorn jewelry according to the event

You must know the kind of people who will be at the occasion. It will help to choose pieces that will not draw attention away from occasion itself but place you subtly in a cheering light.

Never wear crown jewelry at a wedding or else the bride will feel you are stealing her day. Wearing costly statement jewelry at funerals can make you appear crass and oblivious. Jewelry is worn to make one feel good and not end up feeling dreadful by wearing a piece that is wildly inappropriate.

Conversation starter

Good jewelry piece is a good conversation starter. Majority of ladies will ask about from where you bought it or who designed it or how much. The pearl jewelry you wore even reveals who you are, so if you own a conversation starter piece wear it on social occasions. Quiet occasions or professional situations don’t have plenty to talk about the perfect jewelry.


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