Have the Perfect Options for Choosing I love you in 12 languages pendant

A necklace with the couple’s initials, a choker with the first name, a pendant boy or girl or a graduation ring with the color and symbol of the profession. The custom jewelry is accessories that reinforce the importance of having in any production, an exclusive detail.

The success of tailor-made jewelry lies in the fact that fashion is one of the best ways to express your personalities and preferences. And, to a certain extent, some exclusive accessories become “pet” pieces, which carry symbolism, memories and emotions. It’s like they’re a piece of us.

Name chokers: the trend is back

The custom chokers with the first name are everything. Not that they ever went out of style entirely. But new models, with modern design, gave a new “breath” to the tradition of pendants made with laser. In white metal, this type of accessory has gained elegance and style, especially since it allows use with other accessories in silver, steel or white gold. Choose the Nano Jewelry I love you necklaces you can have the best options.

Boy pendants or girl and reliquaries

Another form of recurring expression in personalized jewelry is love for parents or children. The boy or girl pendants are classic have gained different styles, with cute, traditional, colorful or more romantic models. The same happened with the reliquaries, which were again successful as a way to honor and express affection, longing, affection or admiration. With internal spaces to put photos, these stylish jewels have won back fans and attracted new generations.

Graduation rings: varied models for all professions

Among the most traditional personalized jewelry are graduation rings. Before restricted to a few options, these jewels have been reinvented, with different types of design and democratic models, which combine with men and women of all ages.

The graduation ring collection has dozens of models in white and yellow gold. All options are available for customization with the course stones. In addition, it is possible to include the profession symbol in some versions.

Excellent gift options, graduation rings are life-long gems. There are also creative I love you in 12 languages pendant, profession rings, in addition to reliquaries. There is no doubt that personalized jewelry is successful. Therefore, it is an invitation to know the various options and guarantee its exclusive accessory, made with all the care for you.


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