Four Benefits of Kefir, as a Probiotic!

There is plenty of evidence that kefir is a much better probiotic that other forms of milk products. For example, when compared to yogurt, it is strongly believed that milk kefir is much more nutritional, and potent. However, the perks of kefir don’t end here.

In this post you will read about the top benefits in considering milk kefir as your next, go-to probiotic.

#1 Improve the body’s digestive system

First things first, you can consider milk kefir as a product for boosting your digestive system. This is mainly because kefir is rich in probiotics. The probiotics play an important role in restoring the balance in your gut. Consequently, this will improve the body’s digestion.

Also, the fermentation breaks down any lactose that is found in milk. People who are allergic to the consumption of lactose, find this useful. They can enjoy kefir, even if they are lactose intolerant.

#2 Improve your weight loss journey

Moving on, you can consider kefir as a source that aids towards weight loss. A major reason behind obesity would be the imbalance created by the bacteria in your gut. There is little information on which strain of bacteria can worsen the condition.

Recent studies reveal that lactobacillus species are key players in promoting weight loss. And, this group is found in excess in kefir. Hence, the way milk kefir introduces weight loss in your body will be more natural. There is plenty of robust evidence, from the world science, to prove this.

#3 Promote the health of your bones

The talk about kefir as a healthy probiotic will remain incomplete without focusing on its connection with your bones. In general, kefir is extracted from cow’s milk. It is bound to be a reliable, and a good source of vitamin K and calcium. These are two important nutrients that are required for sound bone health. As we age, the bones are likely to become weaker. This increases the risks of many health conditions like osteoporosis. In fact, it can also increase the chances of bone breakage too. These conditions are extremely common in women who are going through post-menopausal.

Kefir, with consumed with other dairy products will increase the percentage of calcium in your diet. As a result, the overall health and wellness of your bones can be retained.

#4 Get rid of inflammation

Finally, you can use kefir to combat a number of diseases, including arthritis and IBD. Kefir is known to have strong immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties.


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