Business Verification Inspection Services

Our company which is one among the most reliable business verification inspection companies offers efficient and cost-effective business verification inspection services to our clients so as to ensure protection from fraud and other risks when starting business with a new company or when they want to check the genuineness of an existing business. We ensure our clients a smooth and quick inspection process and gather accurate information pertaining to the business firm under consideration. Our trained and highly experienced inspection team follows a highly innovative method to gather the information and prepare comprehensive reports. We make use of the latest technology for our business verification process. Our business verification services will enable our clients to come out of their financial problems and improve their performance. By way of making the resources available for utilization we enable them to concentrate more on their core business. Unlike many other business verification inspection companies we directly approach the customers of our clients and make them to answer a few questions. From their answers we will get a clear picture of their financial status.

Business site inspections

We conduct business site inspections to gather information which is required to determine the legitimacy of that particular business firm. We also conduct PCI Compliance check. During the site inspection we also verify the exact business of the merchant, the inventory held by the business and various aspects pertaining to the business operations. According to the requirements of our clients we conduct the business site inspections either after announcing in advance or without announcing. Along with the inspection reports our inspection team will provide photos of both inside and outside of the business also. The physical location of the office will also be verified. All the important data and other information collected by the inspectors will be properly documented.

Equipment and Lease Inspection services

We are among the leading business verification inspection companies that provide equipment and lease inspection services to leasing companies, finance companies, banks, insurance firms and credit unions. For verification, they require the equipment inspection report provided by our inspection team. The insurance companies and various other financial institutions use our inspection reports not only for verification of the equipment which is insured or financed but also to enable the underwriters to take appropriate decisions regarding the financial condition of that business.

Field Visits  

As one of the leading business verification inspection companies, we provide residential property inspection services also to insurance companies and other financial organizations. We undertake inspection of all types of residential property – single homes, manufactured homes, condominiums and multi-family homes. Besides an overall assessment of the property we evaluate its present condition also. Our inspectors will physically examine the entire electrical system as well as plumbing system and also all the structural components – internal as well as external. We will also assess all the built-in appliances. Our inspection report will be very much helpful for our clients to evaluate the property as a whole.

Our field inspectors are committed to provide the accurate condition reports to our clients with complete details. Our inspectors go for Direct Contact Field Visits also. They will directly contact the debtors on behalf of our clients, gather relevant information and submit the detailed report.


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