Benefits of GMAT Online Coaching

Wondering how to prepare for the GMAT from the comfort of your house? Read this article to learn more about the GMAT and how you can leverage GMAT online coaching to study at your pace. Before we begin to understand the benefits of online coaching, let’s understand what the GMAT actually is and how it is structured.

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admissions Test is a computer-adaptive standardised test that is conducted globally by GMAC all around the year. Timed at 3 hours and 7 minutes, the GMAT is divided into four sections and is scored on a scale of 200-800. Furthermore, the GMAT is an important admission criterion to most master’s programmes taught at prestigious business schools and universities around the world. 

Accepted by over 2300 business schools and to nearly 7000 master’s programmes, the GMAT is a helpful metric to gauge an applicant’s critical thinking, analytical writing, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Since these skills are essential traits of a manager, business schools prefer admitting those applicants to their MBA programmes who demonstrate these skills effectively. Hence, the GMAT plays a crucial role in showcasing your knowledge and ability to cope with the requirements of the vigorous programme designed by business schools.

 Now that we know in detail what is the GMAT and its significance, let’s begin to understand the GMAT syllabus with the help of the table mentioned below:

GMAT SectionsTimeScoreQuestions
Analytical Writing Assessment30 minutes0-6 with half-point increment1 EssayAnalysis of an Argument 
Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes1-8 with single-point increment12 MCQs. Four types of questions:Two-part analysisMulti-source reasoningTable analysisGraphical interpretation
Quantitative Reasoning60 minutes6-51 with a single-point increment system31 questions. Two types of questions:Data sufficiencyProblem-solving
Verbal Reasoning60 minutes6-51 with a single-point increment system36 questions. Three types of questions:Critical reasoningSentence correctionReading comprehension

Now that you know what the GMAT syllabus looks like, you’re better positioned to begin your GMAT preparations. To begin your GMAT preparations it is essential to enrol in a GMAT prep course. However, given the rise of ed-tech platforms, owing to the lockdowns amid the pandemic, there are several GMAT online coaching options for you to choose from. Let us check out some of the factors to consider before enrolling in an online course.

Benefits of GMAT Online Coaching

When looking out for a good GMAT online coaching platform, it is essential to remember a few key points to help you select the best one. Although the GMAT syllabus taught by all coaching centres remains the same, the overall GMAT online course may vary from platform to platform. While some coaching centres may offer extensive study material, others may offer better tips and tricks to solve questions quickly and correctly. 

Here are a few benefits of GMAT online courses:

  1. Study Plans – Most GMAT courses taught online come with various study plans. So, this helps to choose a study plan that fits your needs. 
  2. Study Material – GMAT online coaching centres offer a wide range of study material with unlimited access. Study material ranges from sample papers to mock-tests and more.
  3. Flexible Schedule – Flexibility of timings is a major advantage that most GMAT online courses provide. Also, pre-recorded videos make study timings for you even more flexible. 
  4. Costs – When comparing cost and benefits, GMAT online courses are much more reasonable than classroom training. Moreover, even more money is saved up as you would have to travel to the institute. As for the major benefit, you can study at your own pace. 

Now that you know what are the benefits of GMAT online coaching, you’re better positioned to choose a GMAT online course that suits your needs.


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