Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Bachelorette Party in Nashville

Trucks outfitted to look like a party barge with cushioned benches that lines the periphery of the bed have enough space for women, including their friends and unlimited ways to how to enjoy the night. Groups of women with their bare arms with six-packs of beer, a bottle of liquor at hand, ready to get everything started are flocking the city.

Ladies, this is Nashville, Tennessee – the bachelorette party capital of the United States – and a lot of ladies who are planning to have the last hurrah before their friend get married go here to party. And not just a simple party, but a Las Vegas-level kind of party. For a lot of bachelorettes who wants to party, it all starts here, in one of those party barges.

According to locals who saw the rapid rise of Nashville as the bachelorette capital of the United States, these party barges took over the party scene in the place. These businesses started as a party limousine and eventually converted into a barge when partygoers began to arrive.

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Most of these barges can be booked for at least two-hour stints from morning to evening. Usually, they will go through midtown and downtown area where the bars are located. Not only that, partygoers will have the opportunity to learn more about Nashville, Tennessee, as they cruise all over the place. These parties are usually for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids, but more than that, it is just an excuse for ladies to get out, get drunk, paint the town red and party all day (and night).

Rowdy Nashville

Las Vegas, Nevada has long been the party capital of the United States, probably the whole world. But according to Nashville insiders, Las Vegas is losing its mystique. People are starting to look for a place to have fun, and Tennessee is beginning to gain some popularity among bachelorettes who are planning their bachelorette party for the bride-to-be.

Because of this, businesses are starting to bloom, and the local government sees a dramatic increase in their state and local income. According to one local who founded a concierge service that caters to these market, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in the city is projected to continue rising as the years go by.

Statistically speaking, Nashville now hosts more bachelorette parties compared to Las Vegas, but Vegas earn more money from these parties. It is not because of the number of visitors, but because of the price deferential and it has given Nashville a leg up.

It is most likely that Tennessee’s accessible price point is a significant contributing factor to the state’s sudden rise to fame in the world of parties. But it is not the only reason why the Southern city’s party scene (especially the bachelorette party scene) is thriving. Nashville is all about having a good time and openness with people around you

The area’s music center the Broadway is where most party-goers especially bachelorettes, at some point during their weekend. It is where they will find the city’s prominent bars and music lounges. It is a very conducive environment for relaxation and having a good time with friends, even to some locals too.


But make no mistake, having a bachelorette party in the city of Nashville can be eclectic and quirky as the bride-to-be and her friends want it to be. The river cruise, as well as the party barge, are vehicles that has excellent services to offer. If you think of it, these companies can provide a wide range of services from gun range shoots, pig roast, to Nashville strippers for a bachelorette party. You name it; this place has it.

While mileage differs depending on what the group wants, with some ladies donning matching outfits, one thing is sure; everyone wants to go out and paint the town red. For a lot of bachelorettes, grooming is best left in the hands of the professionals. And because we are dealing here with ladies, you need to make sure that they are well attended and pampered.

Everyone is always in a good mood because they feel very beautiful when they leave the state. And the free champagne also helps with setting the mood. There is also salon that specializes in pampering women like manicures, pedicures and makeup application.

These salons have their regulars as well as its bachelorettes. There or ladies who come here because of these services. From Los Angeles, Texas, New York and all over the United States. Not only that, women from as far as Canada in the North and Mexico in the South are also starting to flock this beautiful city.

Some businesses even have international clients who work parties for people from Australia, the Middle East, Singapore and Europe. During high season, from March to October, some vehicle operators even have a problem of hiring drivers because the number of vehicle requests outnumbers the number of operators in the city.

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It is Nashville, Tennessee

Being in this place might get you to meet a country music star since it is the country music capital of the United States. But even if you are with celebrities, you will not be mowed down by pestering paparazzi. Cut-off jeans, cowboy hats and boots are absolutely acceptable attire when bar hopping.

The vibe the tourists gets from the locals is very welcoming. The place is an amiable city. Tourists can walk around the place and feel safe like they are a resident. But the best part of this city is the crazy parties that happen every night.

And just like what they say in the Sin City, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Las Vegas may be the best city in the world when it comes to parties, but it does not mean that other places like Nashville can’t compete with the best in the business. Not only that, having the event in places besides Las Vegas is a good change of pace.


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