5 Strange Virginia Laws You Probably Didn’t Know

5 Strange Virginia Laws You Probably Didn’t Know

Virginia is an incredible state with a long and fascinating history: but there’s a lot many people don’t realize about it.  From the incredible food and fantastic art and culture: to the countless laws that feel like they shouldn’t exist, you’ll be surprised about this state.

These are five bizarre Virginian laws that most people don’t know exist.  

Why Strange Laws Happen

Strange laws like this generally happen because of one-off instances where someone did something bizarre and was allowed to get away with it because of the lack of laws standing against it: or to allow special precedent so that the law wouldn’t hold someone back from doing what’s necessary at the moment.  

Illegal to Be Out At Night Unattended

One law in Norfolk, Virginia, has it on the books that it’s illegal for a woman to be outside at night.  There’s an addition to this law that a woman may be outside at night only if she’s wearing a corset and has a male chaperone.  It’s obvious why many women don’t like this law!

Illegal to Tickle a Woman

Ticking is a fun way to make someone laugh and to bond with family or romantic partners: but did you know it’s illegal to tickle women in Virginia?  This could be something put in place to stop random harassment on public transportation, but the fact is: that it’s still legal to tickle men in this state.  

Illegal to Use Profane Language Via Phone

If you love using colorful language, you’ll need to reign it in while you’re in Virginia.  The profane, threatening and indecent language used over the phone is completely legal in Virginia.  This means no razzing on your friend and no sassing anyone in a way that could be used against you.

Illegal to Have Sex With the Lights On

How you enjoy your time with someone else is up to the two of you: but in Virginia, the law says you can only do this activity with the lights off.  Some may be happy about this, not wanting to be seen by their partner, but it’s a strange thing to have a law based around it!

Illegal to Hunt Any Animal Other Than Raccoons on Sundays

This law undoubtedly came into place after someone came out to find that their trash was getting riffled through by these fuzzy little bandits!  Although the average person wouldn’t want to harm a raccoon: Sundays are just a little more dangerous for these critters!

What Happens if I Break These Laws?

If you’re considering stopping to look at Arlington real estate, you may worry about these bizarre laws: how much stock do they have in daily life?  If you tickle your wife, are you setting yourself up for a lawsuit or criminal trial?  In 2012, the Virginia Supreme Court applied the law that makes it illegal to send profane or threatening language over tests: but a case of a couple having sex with the lights on hasn’t been prosecuted yet! 

Virginia is One of a Kind!

Virginia is a large state that’s full of surprises and intrigue: so it’s no surprise that the laws are a little bizarre.  Consider visiting this state soon: and avoid breaking any of these laws while you’re here! 


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